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Triathlon and Endurance Training for Colorado Women

Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Indoor Triathlons

Sunday, March 08, 2009 Time:07:00 AMVenue:Life Time FitnessAddress:9250 Crown Crest Blvd.Parker, CO 80138Brief Description:DURATIONThe Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon features 60 minutes of competition for each participant plus an additional 15 minutes for transition between each leg of the event.Additional InformationThere is no race day registration.Prices:LTF Employees Only (You must have your LTF employee number in order to register) - $0.00LTF Member - $35.00Non Member - $40.00
Website:http://www.lifetimefitness.comRace Course10 Minute Swim in Lap Pool10 Minute Transition (Swim to Bike)30 Minute Bike in Cycle Fitness Studio5 Minute Transition (Bike to Run)20 Minute Treadmill RunScoringPerformance is measured by total distance covered during the three legs. The more distance you cover, the higher your score.StartingStart times are staggered, beginning at 7:00 a.m. You will receive a designated start time via email prior to race day and be asked to arrive 30-45 minutes before your start time.TransitionsParticipants are allowed 10 minutes to safely go from the pool to the cycling studio and 5 minutes from the cycling studio to the treadmills.TrackingRace volunteers record your distances covered during the swim, bike, and run.Rules and RegulationsFor more information go to events@lifetimefitness.comand visit for more details.

Broomfield's Mini Ha-ha- Registration will be start on Tuesday, March 17th at 8:00am race is Sunday, June 14th. You may mail in, scan and email in, fax, or drop off your registration before that date to either the Broomfield Community Center (280 Lamar Street) or the Paul Derda Recreation Center (13201 Lowell Blvd). Registration forms collected before March 17 will be entered in via a lottery process beginning at 5:30am on March 17. Many of you have asked – what is the best way to register? Send it in early, or take my chances? Honestly, I do not know. I can tell you this, last year, we were able to input all of the registration forms we received on the first day of registration by 9:00am. The event filled in 4 days last year. So, I would recommend either sending your form in early, or register online! I guess we will just have to see what the interest is this year! Of course, no guarantees just register early! E-Connect Information!You may register on-line through our e-connect website! On-line registration will begin on Tuesday, March 17th at 8:00am. This will be only be available for individuals registering - teams will still have to register via the form and either mail in, drop off, fax in, or phone in. There are a few things you must do before you can register on-line unless you already have been using our e-connect system. You must call or stop by either recreation center (303-460-6900 or 303-464-5500) to update and check your "Family Account" information and obtain your family pin and barcode. You may do this at any time! We will need all your information - names, phone, email, address, birth date. Once you have completed that - registration is easy! Go to our website: there will be a link to E-Connect! Enter the course number for Mini Haha - #30568! Then follow the directions! You will need to enter your swim time and t-shirt size - so be prepared for that! Clinics and Training - more info to follow - but check them out on the website!!! Please also check out our adult swim lessons, masters swim team, and aqua conditioning class! I will email out a separate flyer with all the info! Please direct all of your questions to our website at We have updated the information so hopefully that will help answer your questions! There is a direct link on the home page to Mini Haha information or you can find the link under Special Events. Check out the link "Race Day Info" that will have most of the information about the event!!! Questions can be directed to me or Andy at or Stephanie at!

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