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Thursday, June 10, 2010

CXLD!!! Saturday Brick from Amante and Sunday's rehearsal

Hey ladies,

I'm going to go ahead and cancel the ride. I know the rain has let down but I just watched the 9news weather forecast and it's going to be heavy rain off and on all day/night. I recommend playing it safe and riding on a home trainer or jumping in a spin class at your local gym.

$40 for sprint rehearsal at 7:00am. $20 if you bring an adult volunteer. I have the application/waiver so email me if you're interested. I need this by noon on Friday so we can get a final count and have their email address so they get all of the details about wave start times, etc. Also, if you are bringing a volunteer I need the volunteer contact information by noon Friday so they get the email with details and their assignment.

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